This is a look at Sven and Sigrid Berg Haugen Johnson along with their Parents, Siblings, and Children. I hope that this web page can become a collection of information and a resource for family and friends. I plan to update, and/or, correct this page as new information is discovered. Thanks for your help.

Eugene (Gene) D. Johnson (son of Ellsworth, grandson of Iver and Anna Ryan and great grandson of Sven and Sigrid Berg Haugen Johnson)
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This page will look at Eugene (Gene) Johnson. Gene is the son of Ellsworth and Rowena Heffley Johnson.

3. Sven Johannesen (Johnson) (1837 1931)
m. 1866 Sigrid Berg (1844 1912)
Immigrated to Stanton County 1868

They had the following children:
3.1. Julia (1865 - ?) m. C.J. Anderson
3.2. John S. (1866 1921) m. Mary Halverson
3.3. Rose (1869 1945) m. John Stangland
3.4. Iver S. (1879 1951) m. Anna Ryan
3.5. Sarah (1881 1962) m. John Midtlien
3.6. Anna (1883 - ?) m. Theodore Ringer
3.7. Ida (1885 1966). m. James Johnson

3.4. Iver S. (1879 1951) m. Anna Ryan

They had the following children:
3.4.1. Clifford S. (1908 - 2000) m. Sophia Hekrdly (1915 1956) m. Jovito Bautista
3.4.2. Ellsworth Bernard (1910 1999) m. Rowena Josephine Heffley (1914 1971)
3.4.3. Ivera (1918) m. Leonard Morfeld Eugene David m. Barbara Jean Cogdal m. Charlotte Ann Carpenter Kerry Theresa m. Steve Kurpius Sarah Britton David m. Kristen Moser

Pictures of Eugene (Gene) Johnson and family: