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Eugene (Gene) D. Johnson (son of Ellsworth and Rowena Heffley, grandson of Iver and Anna Ryan and great grandson of Sevn and Sigri Berg - JOHNSON)
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Johannes Mikkelsen Haugen (1806 – 1872) born at Onstadeie, Aurdal, Valdres, Norway.
his father: Mikkel Johannesen Haugen , son of: Johannes Einerson Aaberg (1708 - 1792) and Giertrud Mikkelsdatter Koldsbreche
his mother: Agathe Olsdatter MidtStrandeie (1776 - 1828) daughter: of Ole Arneson Midtstrand (cr.1729 - 1791) and Ragnild Helgesdatter Midtstrand

Johannes married in 1831: Marit Svendsdatter Gausdgereir (1807 – 1898)
her father: Sven Thordson Gausdgereir (1778 - 1837) son of: Thord Thoreson Gausaker (1746 - ?) and Marit Svendsdatter Ulneseie
(1747 cr. 1811)
her mother: Sigri Amundsdatter Lien (1763 - 1841) daughter of: Amund Svendsen Lien (cr. 1721 - 1805) and Berte Olsdatter Lundane
(cr. 1729 - 1797)

(Marit immigrated to Stanton County, Nebraska, in 1873, after her husband died, along with her son Ole and daughter Ragnild. She is burried in the Stanton County, Nebraska, "Norwegian Cemetery".)

Johannes and Marit had the following children:
1. Agathe Johannesdatter (1830 – between 1861 & 1865), Agathe did not emigrate
2. Johannes (John) Johannesen (1834 – 1884), John emigrated in 1866 with wife Margit Hallsteinsdatter
3. Svend Johannesen (1837 – 1931), Sven emigrated in 1868 with wife Sigri Iversdatter Odegaard
4. Siri (Sarah) Johannesdatter (1844 – 1919), Sarah emigrated in 1868 with husband Halver Halverson
5. Berit Johannesdatter Haugen (1846 – 1909), Berit did not emigrate
6. Ragnild Johannesdatter (1848 - 1943), Ragnild emigrated in 1873
7. Ole Johannesen (1852 – 1937), Ole emigrated in 1873

The picture below shows Sven and some of his siblings:

This page will discuss the family of Sven and Sigrid Berg Johnson, Father and mother to Iver Johnson.

3. Sven Johannesen (Johnson) (1837 – 1931)
m. 1860 Jorand Olsdatter (1835 - c.a. 1865)
They had the following children:
3.1. Julia (1865 - ?) m. C.J. Anderson

m. 1866 Sigrid Berg (1844 – 1912)
Immigrated to Stanton County 1868
They had the following children:
3.2. John S. (1866 – 1921) m. Mary Halverson
3.3. Rose (1869 – 1945) m. John Stangland
3.4. Iver S. (1879 – 1951) m. Anna Ryan
3.5. Sarah (1881 – 1962) m. John Midtlien
3.6. Anna (1883 - 1955) m. Theodore Ringer
3.7. Ida (1885 – 1966). m. James Johnson

For additional family data sheets as we know it today please see the end of this page.

The pictures below are of the Sven Johnson family taken in 1912 to celebrate Sven's 75th. birthday.

In the first picture, l/r in the first row:
Julia, Sven, Sigri, Rose.
In the top row:
John S., Anna, Ida, Sarah, Iver S.

In the second picture, l/r in the first row:
Julia, Sven, Sigri, John S.
In the top row:
Ida, Anna, Iver S., Rose, Sarah.

The picture below Was provided Judy Godel (daughter of Sherman, grand daughter of Sven).
It is a picture of the Sven Johnson family taken August 10, 1902.

Starting from the left in the first row sitting down: Unknown, John S., Sven.
Standing from the left: unknown, Ida, unknown, Sarah holding Leonard (son of John S. and Mary Halverson), Mary Halverson (wife of John S.), Sigrid Berg (wife of Sven, holding Helen, daughter of John S.and Mary Halverson).
In the tree: Sherman (son of John S. and Mary Halverson), Iver S., unknown.

There is no date on the first picture of Sven below but it looks like he is about 50 years old. In the second picture he is 94 years old.

The picture below was taken in 1931 at The funeral of Sven Johnson. The picture was provided by Paul Johnson, grandson of Ole Johnson. We have tried to identify the people in the picture but as of today we are still missing several names. Please advise if you recognize anyone not identified. Thanks for your help.

In the first row sitting down from left to right:
1. Unknown 2.Unknown 3.Unknown 4.Unknown 5. Ivera (Johnson) Morfeld 6.Unknown 7.Kenneth Johnson 8.Unknown 9.Unknown 10.Stanley Johnson

In the second row:
1.Julia (Johnson) Anderson 2.Rose Ragnild (Johnson) Stangland 3.Ragnild (Haugen) Loe Mack Monthei 4.Anna (Ryan) Johnson 5. Iver S. Johnson 6.Ida (Johnson) Johnson 7.Jim Johnson 8.Rev. John Midtlien 9.Sarah (Johnson) Midtlien 10. Anna (Johnson) Ringer 11.T.O. Ringer 12.Unknown 13.Mary (Halverson) Johnson 14.Unknown 15.Ole Johnson 16.Karen (Johnson) Johnson

In the third row: 1.Unknown 2.Unknown 3.Clifford Johnson 4.Ellsworth Johnson 5.Unknown 6.Sherman Johnson 7.Unknown 8.Unknown 9.Unknown 10.Unknown 11.Oscar Anderson (?) 12.Unknown 13.Unknown 14.Unknown 15.Lois Ringer 16.Mildred Ringer 17.Naomi Ringer 18.Ida Anderson 19.Mrs Shermon Johnson 20.Ester Johnson 21.Wife of Marlin Johnson 22.Unknown 23.Helen Johnson 24.Elmer Loe

In the top row:
1.(behind 10)Unknown 2.Unknown 3.(behind 16,Lois Ringer)Unknown 4.Leo Ringer 5.(behind 19 & 20)Unknown 6.(behind 21) Unknown 7.Oscar Field

There are several documents that give us information on Sven Johnson and his family. This includes the Stanton Register along with books and other publications of the times.

The following information was obtained from the Public Archives of Canada, Archives Branch, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario and the Bergen Maritime Museum:

"The full-rigged ship CLAUS HEFTY, 434 1/2 kml - ca 912 rgt. was built in Bath Me. in 1848. It was brought to Norway from Antwerp in 1864 by Fredrik Host, Sandefjord. It was sold to England in1873. The ship was engaged in the emigrant traffic."
The Archives include Sven and family on the passenger list as noted below:

Sven Johannesen Haugen, age 30, along with his wife Sigri, age 24, and children Joran (Julia), age 3, and Johannes (John), age 1 1/2, sailed from Bergen, Norway aboard the good ship Claus Hefty on April 23, 1868.They were traveling with a group of family and friends to meet older brother John in Stanton County who had immigrated two years earlier. They arrived at Quebec City on June 14. From there they transfered to barges, and then railroad to Council Bluffs, Iowa which was as far west as the tracks had gone at that time. After crossing the Missouri River on a ferry, the last leg of the journey was made on loads of lumber drawn by brother John's oxen. John had arranged to meet them in Omaha. The total duration of their journey from Valdres to Stanton County was 16 weeks including seven weeks on the ocean. The following link showes a picture of the Claus Hefty along with more information about its construction and the voyage.

The Frigate Claus Hefty

There is a book titled: "FRONTIER MOTHER", The letters of Gro Svendsen, Arno Press, 1979, that is a collections of letters written home to family in Norway by a young woman who made the same journey to Iowa at almost the same time, 1862. It is a good reference of what the journey was like if you are interested. A possible source would be the Norwegian-American Historical Association and the library at St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota.

Another book I can recommed is: "Giants in the Earth" by O.E. Rolvaag. It is written about the early Norwegian settlers in the mid-west.

In 1916, Sven was interviewed by the Nebraska Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. His statement appeared in a publication called: “Collection of Nebraska Pioneer Reminiscences”. Here is what he said about his arrival in Stanton County:

“With my wife and two small children I reached Omaha, Nebraska, June26, 1868. We came direct from Norway, having crossed the stormy Atlantic in a small sailboat, the voyage taking eight weeks.

A brother, who had settled in Stanton County, 107 miles from Omaha, had planned to meet us in that city. After being there a few days this brother, together with two other men, arrived and we were very happy. With two yoke of oxen and one team of horses, each hitched to a load of lumber, we journeyed from Omaha to Stanton County. Arriving there, we found shelter in a small dugout with our brother and family, where we remained until we filed on a homestead and had built a dugout of our own. We had plenty of clothing, a good lot of linens and homespun materials, but these and ten dollars in money were all we possessed.

The land office was at Omaha and it was necessary for me to walk there to make a filing. I had to stop along the way wherever I could secure work, and in that way got some food, and occasionally earned a few cents, and this enabled me to purchase groceries to carry back to my family. There were no bridges across rivers or creeks and we were compelled to swim; at one time in particular I was very thankful I was a good swimmer. A brother-in-law (this may have been Sarah’s husband Halver Halverson) and myself had gone to Fremont, Nebraska, for employment, and on our return we found the Elkhorn river almost out of its banks. This frightened my companion, who could not swim, but I told him to be calm, we would come to no harm. I took our few groceries and our clothing and swam across, then going back for my companion, who was a very large man, I took him on my back and swam safely to the other shore.

While I was away, my family would be holding down our claim and taking care of our one cow. We were surrounded by Indians, and there were no white people west of where we lived.

In the fall of 1868 we secured a yoke of oxen, and the following spring hauled home logs from along the river and creek and soon had a comfortable log house erected.

Thus we labored and saved little by little until we were able to erect a frame house, not hewn by hand, but made from real lumber, and by this time we felt well repaid for the many hardships we had endured. The old “homestead” is still our home, but the dear, faithful, loving mother who so bravely bore all the hardships of early days was called to her rich reward January 28, 1912. She was born June 15, 1844, and I was born October 14, 1837.”

The following is the obituary for Sven Johnson published in the Stanton Register October 29, 1931.


One of Stanton County’s real Pioneers and a Just Man

Sven Johnson ws born in Norde Aurdal, Valdres, Norway, October 14, 1837 and died at his farm home southwest of Stanton October 18, 1931, being 94 years and four days old. Mr. Johnson was twice married, his first wife died leaving a baby girl now Mrs. Julia Anderson of Newman Grove.

In 1865 he was united in marriage to Sigri Berg and to this union were born six children, Mrs. Johnson died in 1912 and the oldest son, John S. Johnson died in 1921.

In 1868, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson with two small children, immigrated to America, coming directly to Stanton County, where they homesteaded on the farm which has since been the family home. The voyage from Norway was made by sailboat, the trip from Valdres, Norway to Stanton taking 16 weeks. The railway extending only as far as Council Bluffs, Iowa. And after crossing the Nissouri river on a ferry, the trip to Stanton County was made on loads of lumber drawn by oxen droven by Mr. Johnson’s brother, John, who had driven to Omaha to meet the new comers.

Mr Johnson is survived by the following children:
Mrs. Julia Anderson, Newman Grove;
Mrs Ragnild Stangland, Albion;
Mrs. Sarah Midtlien, Stanley, Wisconsin;
Mrs. Anna Ringer, Norfolk;
Iver S. Johnson, Stanton;
and Mrs. Ida Johnson of Stanton;
one brother Ole Johnson, Newman Grove;
one sister, Mrs. C. Mothie, Hoskins;
twenty-four grand children; and twenty-one great grand children, besides a host of other relatives and friends, who also survive and nourn his loss.

Funeral services were held Thursday, October 22, at the home conducted by Rev. O.J. Lundly of Aberdeen, South Dakota a former pastor and close friend of the family, assisted by Rev. N.I. Berg of Minneapolios, brother-in-law of Mr. Johnson, Rev. J.N. Midtlien, a son-in-law of Mr. Johnson, spoke a few words in behalf of the family and also read memorials which had been sent in the form of money to Home missions and other branches of the Noregian Lutheran church in memory of Mr. Johnson. Six grandsons served as pall bearers, namely:
Jean Stangeland,
Oscar Anderson,
Sherman Johnson,
Clifford Johnson,
Ellsworth Johnson,
and Stanley Johnson.

Mr. Johnson was a life-long member of the Luthern church and at and early age felt the call to serve his Master as Layman. After coming to the U.S. he traveled quite extensively as a home missionary among the Noregian Lutheran people in S. D., northern Nebraska and northwestern Iowa. He continued in this work until too feeble. Th large attendance at the funeral and the many floral tributes bespoke the respect in which he was held in the community.

The following are relatives and friends from a distance who attended the funeral:


---Adolph Anderson,
Newman Grove:
---Julia Anderson,
---Ida Brawner,
---Oscar Field,
---E.H. Berg,
---M.O.M. Johnson,
---Sofie Jorgensen,
---Syver Field,
---Lena Schmedeke,
---Ole Johnson,
---C. McKenzie,
---Sam Johnson,
---H.K. Aaberg,
---Royan Aaberg,
---Hary Loe,
---C. Mouthie,
---Lizzie Quigley,
---John A. Stangland,
---Jean Stangland,
---Mr. Haas,
---T.O. Ringer,
---Sherman Johnson,
---Chris Anderson,
---Gilbert Anderson,
---G.C. Benning,
---John Ballantyne,
Loop City:
---J.C. Johnson,
Fort Calhoun:
---A.J. Lazure,
---Oscar Thompson,
---Lewis Thompson,
---John Nicholson,
---A.R. Peterson,
---Wm Ryan,
Minneapolis, Minnesota:
---Rev. N.I. Berg,


Johannes Mikkelsen Haugen (1806 – 1873)
m. 1831 Marit Svendsdatter Gausakereie (1807 – 1898) in Aurdal, Norway
(Marit immigrated to Stanton County in 1873)

They had the following children:
1. Aagat Johannesdtr (1830 – between 1861 & 1865)
2. Johannes (John) Johannesen (1834 – 1884)
3. Svend Johannesen (1837 – 1931)
4. Siri (Sarah) Johannesdtr (1844 – 1919)
5. Berit Johannesdatter (1846 – 1909)
6. Ragnild Johannesdtr (1848 - )
7. Ole Johannesen (1852 – 1937)

3. Sven Johannesen (Johnson) (1837 – 1931).
m. 1860 Jorand Olsdatter (1835 - 1865).

They had the following child:
3.1. Julia (1865 - ?) m. C.J. Anderson
---3.1.1. John
---3.1.2. Oscar
---3.1.3. Ida m. Browner
---3.1.4. Clarence
------ Gene
------ Dale
---3.1.5. Adolph

3. Sven Johannesen (Johnson) (1837 – 1931).
m. 1866 Sigrid Berg (1844 – 1912) second wife emigrated to Stanton County 1868.

They had the following children:
3.2. John S. (1866 – 1921) m. Mary Halverson
---3.2.1. Helen Sylvia (1897) m. Oscar Field
---3.2.2. Sherman M. (1899) m. Ursula Rosa Ziegler (1908)
------ Lawrence Dean m. Helen Inez Lehman
------ Sherman M. m. Faith Ann Glee Walter
------ Mary Janice m. Marlow Henry Kohl )
------ Judith Ann m. George Ernest Godel
------ Nancy Jo m. Robert David Scott
------ Linda Sue m. Byron Keith Carmichael
------ Andrew John
---3.2.3. Leonard B. (1902)
3.3. Rose (1869 – 1945) m. John Stangland
---3.3.1. Mabel (1889 – 1972) m Waite Gerry
------ Ruth
------ John
------ Lydia
---3.3.2. Hilda (1892)
---3.3.3. Sidney (1894 – 1913)
---3.3.4. Jean Roderick (1896) m. Minnie Haas (1893)
------ Herbert L. (1922)
------ Margaret L. (1923)
------ Wilma Rose ((1927) m. Arnold George Tschudin (1928)
--------- Arlen Eugene
------ Arnold Eugene (1930)
---3.3.5. Lydia (1904 -1928)
---3.3.6. Ted (1907 – 1989) m. (1927) Minnie Abel
------ Roberta
3.4. Iver S. (1879 – 1951) m. Anna Ryan
---3.4.1. Clifford S. (1908 - 2000) m. Sophia Hekrdly (1915 – 1956) m. Jovito Bautista
------ Barbara (1937 – 1985)
------ Judith Joan (1940 - 2000) m. Brucker m. Pradip Datta
--------- Kenneth Brucker
--------- Jeff
------ Mark Clifford (1946 -1999)
------ Carol (1943) m. Jim Huss
--------- Jimmy
--------- Christina
------ Cathy m. J. Halley
--------- Judy Ann
---3.4.2. Ellsworth Bernard (Jan. 17, 1910–Feb. 5,1999) m.Rowena Josephine Heffley (April 28, 1914–October 24, 1969)
------ Patricia Louise m. Michael Charles Davis
--------- Edward Charles m. Lynne Marie Belvins )
------------ Anjelica Rae
------------ Marisa Renee
--------- Cynthia Marie m. James Glakas
------------ Mick
------------ Diana
--------- Therese Jean m. Kenneth Smith
------------ Ryan
------------ Hannah Jo
------ Eugene David m. Barbara Cogdal
--------- Kerry Theresa m. Steve Kurpius
------------ Sarah
--------- Britton David m. Kristen
------ Eugene D. m. Charlotte Carpenter (second wife)
---3.4.3. Ivera (1918) m. Leonard Morfeld
------ Dale m. Mary Phelps
--------- Erich (1969 - 2000) m. Patti
------------ Nicholas
------------ Henry
--------- Ian m. Courtney DeAngelis
--------- Genea Alexandra m. Tyronn Swan
------------ Cole
------------ Dru
--------- Callie m. Mike
------ Sharon (1948) m. Romano Biancardi
3.5. Sarah (1881 – 1962) m. John Midtlien
3.6. Anna Emelia (1883 - 1955) m. Theodore Otto Ringer
---3.6.1. Mildred Arlene (1907 - 1998) m. Christian Grover Andresen (1907 - 1973)
------ Marilyn Joyce (1945 - 1997) m. Darnell Martin Walton
------ Chrislyn Gloria m. David Michael Martin
--------- Sarah Arlene m. James Gregory Collins
--------- Mikayla Ann
------ Theodore Henry m. Andrea Reille
---3.6.2. Lois Maxine (1909) m. David S. Nordwall (1910)
------ Bruce David
------ Paul
------ Karen Ann
---3.6.3. Leo Benjamin (1912) m. Mary Louise Scofield (1918)
------ Candice Joann m. James A. Brewer
--------- James Jr.
--------- Jennifer
------ Nancy Lou m. Reid A. Steinkraus
--------- Kara Lea
---3.6.4. Sigri Namoi (1914) m. Chester D. Sitz (1911)
------ Robert C. m. Joyce Elaine Balder
--------- Natalie Joyce
--------- Todd Robert
------ Sigri Ann m. Thomas Evans Folkestad
--------- Sherri Ann
--------- Thomas Scott m Theresa Marie Ficklis
--------- Mark Evans m. Kimberley Ululani
------ Lynn Marie m. Charles Richard Schoepf
--------- Molly Anne
--------- Benjamin Gregory
------ Greg
3.7. Ida Belinda (1885 – 1966). m. James Johnson (1885)
---3.7.1. Stanley Milton (1916) m. Leota Schwink (1916)
---3.7.2. Kenneth Raymond (1920) m. Barbara Hanson (1923)
------ Stephen Mark m. Jean Louise Rider
--------- Stephanie Lynne
------ Sarah Marie m. Edward Arnold Ericson )
--------- William Edward Ericson

South Dakota
---Rev. O.J. Lundy,
---Theodore Honstad,
Stanley, Wisconsin:
---Rev. Midtlien,
Twin Falls, Idaho:
---Osa Miner,